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video production rate info san diego and orange county"So how much does it cost?"

At Coastline Productions, we believe that any job worth doing is worth doing well. We work strictly with professional equipment, and the people on our crews are seasoned professionals with ten+ years of experience in the field.

Does this mean our rates are sky high? Not at all.

Our rates are reasonable, and very competitive within our field, because we are a small company with little overhead. Our mission is to produce a program you can be proud of, without breaking the bank.


Since video production is completely tailored to your needs, it is almost impossible to give blanket answers to questions like, "How much does a 5 minute video cost?" Video production has four distinct phases. Variables in any of these determine the final cost of a program.

• Creative concept
• Script writing
• Research and meetings
• Location scouting and permits


• Video equipment
• Professional crew
• Studio rental, set design, props
• Actors, voice-over, and on-camera talent
• Specialty items, animals, etc.
• Logging of footage, transcription of interviews, testimonials
• Off-line edit or edit decision list
• Production music and stock footage
• Graphics and animations
• Final on-line editing

• Duplication (straight-play DVD compression)
• Creation of interactive media (DVD authoring)
• Compression for Internet use

An industry rule of thumb estimates about $1,000 per finished minute of video for a quality presentation, but we find that we usually come in closer to $800 per minute for the typical 5-8 minute corporate video involving a script, voice talent, and illustrating footage. The final budget always depends on what exactly you want to see on the screen during those minutes. A helicopter fly-over of your facility is very impressive, but obviously costs more than a camera person taking the shot from across the street. A custom animation of your logo costs more than us simply importing a JPEG file. You get the idea.

How-to videos are a whole different ballgame yet. If the majority of the video consists of a person speaking while demonstrating, there is no script, no voice-over talent and comparatively little editing. The cost per minute comes WAY down. This video here had a total budget of only $1,500! CLICK HERE TO WATCH.

The best way to answer your question is to contact us to discuss your objectives. Consultations are always free, and we'll be happy to put together a production budget for you!

Click here for a real-life example of a budget and the video that resulted from it.

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