Coastline Productions has been around for over twenty years, so when it comes to video we've probably done it. Here are just some recent examples:

Corporate Communications

From marketing to employee training, video is an ideal way to deliver your message.

Let customers "tour" your facilities. Demonstrate your new products. Train employees.

Whether your company is large or small, service or manufacturing oriented, there are numerous applications for video.

These types of programs usually involve a script, a professional narration and footage of your business. We are hapy to provide turn-key services, or help you with any part of the production process.

Watch more like this:

ANA 2015 Promo with
Michael Gurian

Fast 5 Express Greeter

Fast 5 Express Safety Video


Do you want to expand your customer base? Have a new product ready to hit the market? Video can definitely help your business grow.

Show your potential clients what you do, and why you do it best!

Including customer testimonials in your marketing video can greatly enhance and validate your message.

Help us tell your story! We have created marketing programs for companies as large as Hewlett Packard and as small as the neighborhood restaurant.

Watch more promotional videos:

Sally Ride Science Product
Marketing Video

ANA 2017 Admissions Video

San Diego Eye Center - Ted
Leitner Cataract Surgery

Informational Programs and Interviews

We shoot a lot of interviews. In fact, setting them up, lighting and conducting them is one of our specialties.

Do you need a crew to shoot a local interview? We serve all of Southern California, from Los Angeles to the Mexican border.

An interview can provide the main content for a program, with narration connecting the pieces. But sometimes we also have fun crafting an entire storyline just from interviews. It doesn’t get any more authentic than that!

More programs involving interviews:

ANA Awards David Kelley

ANA 2019 Funding Video

Menopause and Irritability

Educational and Instructional Programs

Video is the next best thing to having a personal instructor at home. Studies have shown that people remember 50% more from visuals than from print.

As they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Video contains 30 pictures per second.

Educational video can take many shapes, and have wildly varying budgets. Some programs involve scripts, actors and sets. On the other end of the spectrum are the straight up “how-to” videos of a single person demonstrating their craft. Which type of program fits your needs?

Watch more samples:

Sally Ride Teacher Training -
Middle School Math

Fast 5 Express Pit Maintenance

Ramos Tire Shop

Industrial Programs

Do you want to document an important installation or construction project?

Depending on the situation, videos like this can involve anywhere from a half day shoot to several months of production. Contact us to discuss your project!

Watch more samples:

Installations of Veteran's
Tribute Tower at Miramar

Fast 5 Express Hydraulic

Event Coverage

Sometimes it’s not about producing a polished program, but about straight-forward documentation.

We cover trade show floors, conduct man-on-the street interviews and create conference highlight reels.

And yes, we can record your meeting or seminar.

Worked with Coastline Productions on 9 videos so far more on the way. Couldn't be happier with our choice.

Josh Liebermann

Sally Ride Science