Coastline Productions has been providing video production services since 1993. Our very first project, a hotel promo, took us to La Paz, Baja Mexico. The very next job was in Seattle, all the way up the Pacific coastline. So that's how that name came about.

Coastline Productions is a small company with very little overhead. There is no fancy building with a marble fountain, no secretary, and no set number of employees. The crew expands and contracts as needed for your project. What this means is that every dollar of your budget goes straight to creating production value. It also means that whenever you call, you will immediately speak to someone who knows about your project.


About Coastline Productions

Shooting man-on-the-street interviews in San Diego, 1999.

Simone Hogan, owner and primary operator of Coastline Productions, has been in the video business since 1989. Starting out as a videographer and editor, she produced her first documentary, "Test the West!" at the age of 23 with nothing but a borrowed S-VHS camcorder and a whole lot of passion.

Today Simone wrangles crews and equipment as an independent producer, but she still loves to get hands-on with every project. When you call Coastline, Simone is who you will meet first, and she will take good care of you throughout the production process!

All suited up shooting heart surgery

Recording an interview for La Vie Spa

Out on location 2013


If that's what it takes to tell your company's story...

...we'll heard goats at sunset! - Markee Magazine loved this goofy production shot so much they put us on the cover of the January 2007 issue.




Markee Magazine


Simone was incredible to work with - she arrived early on both days, was able to adjust to last minute changes that arose, and could not have been more professional.

Paige Maslen

Army and Navy Academy